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Open collaboration in the innovation and internationalisation strategy for the distribution of fashion and accessories

14th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : Carlota Mª Lorenzo Romero

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Albacete.


This project analyses the need for innovation and internationalisation in the fashion and accessories distribution sector by means of the use of strategies of open collaboration with customers on the Internet. More than ever before, the digital environment now makes it possible for the consumer's voice to be taken into account through active online participation and collaboration. For the fashion distribution industry, this represents a very attractive engine for value generation aimed at customers, as well as a way of international expansion for the sector by dint of clicks.

Based on this context, the project has two general research objectives:

  1. From a supply perspective, to analyse the perceived utility and the practical realisation of this perspective of open collaboration on the Internet by the companies themselves and their estimation of utility in a context of international expansion.
  2. From a demand perspective, to study the motivations and behaviours of consumers in relation to the use of interactive tools and technologies and mobile applications, for open online collaboration in an international context.

The results we aim to provide for both academics and professionals in the sector are greater knowledge of this new way of interacting with the consumer, as well as possible strategic lines of action enabling the achievement of those goals.

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