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Repercussions of the elimination of national brand names in products sold by the food distribution groups on the image of the establishment, the intention to visit and the intention to buy the distributor's brand: direct effects and analysis of moderating factors

11th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Commercial distribution

Senior Researcher : Juan Carlos Gázquez Abad

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Research Centre or Institution : Universidad de Almería.


In December, 2008, Mercadona took the decision to remove over 800 national references from the aisles of its over 1,000 supermarkets. After initially negative results in 2009, the company's net profit rose by 47% in 2010 compared to the previous year. In 2011, the evolution of results was equally positive. The fact that the leading distributor in the Spanish food retail market decided to almost completely give up on manufacturer's brands in order to focus on its own brand represents a milestone in the commercial distribution model whose ultimate consequences we cannot yet determine. If Mercadona consolidates its current success, other distribution chains will probably follow in its footsteps, which will have a tremendous impact on manufacturers.

Is it possible to eliminate national brands totally from the ranges of establishments without this having any kind of negative consequence on the selection of the establishment, its image and, in short, the behaviour of consumers? If it is not possible, how many national brands must accompany the store brand in the range of products offered? What are the aspects that will influence the consumer's perception of the range of products offered? Is the success of store brands simply a consequence of the current economic situation? Will it disappear once the crisis is over?

This project aims to answer all these questions, establishing a theoretical framework for analysis of the effects that the composition of the range (in terms of the number of national brands accompanying the store brand) might have on the image of the establishment, the intention to visit it and the intention to buy the distributor's brand. This analysis also includes certain moderating aspects related to individuals, the range of competitor products and the current situation of economic crisis.

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