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Research and development as differentiated, complementary determinants of innovation and productivity

9th National Competition for Economic Research Grants

Industrial economics and regulation

Senior Researcher : Andrés Barge Gil

More information

Research Centre or Institution : Universidad Complutense de Madrid


The objectives of the project consist in analysing the differences in the factors of research and development and the differential effects of these activities on the results of innovation and productivity, in this latter case paying particular attention to the existence of complementarities.

The results show that spending on research depends mainly on technological opportunism, while spending on development depends on the buoyancy of demand, the conditions of appropriateness and the size of the companies.

On the other hand, research is highly explanatory of process innovation, while development has a greater effect on product innovation. Finally, both activities have a distinct yet similar impact on productivity, and there is evidence of the existence of complementarities between the two activities.

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