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Spanish National Brain Metastasis Network (RENACER): Implementation, Development and Coordination

20th national competition for scientific and technical research

Personalized therapy, immunotherapy and cancer

Senior Researcher : Eva Ortega Paíno

Research Centre or Institution : Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO). Madrid


The National Brain Metastasis Network, RENACER, is a coordinated effort that will allow samples collected in a homogeneous manner with standardized and harmonized procedures, well annotated, therefore, of high scientific quality, and stored in a biobank regime, to be available both for individual and consortium projects.

This year we have generated the management structure and internal procedures necessary to carry out the project. Agreements have been established with X hospitals throughout Spain and collection and transport circuits have been generated to ensure the quality of the sample necessary for research. This has allowed 33 confirmed cases to be collected in 2021, generating 481 samples, of which 134 have been transferred to RENACER researchers.

Through this initiative, we have established:

- A structuring of some hospital and research centres that throughout the years will evolve to generate more resources and, therefore, competitiveness regarding the use of the same, attraction of financing, importance of the objectives network clinicians and scientists.

- An optimal strategy to provide missing epidemiological data currently and valuable to the National Health System.

- A critical mass for the organization of joint research projects that allows a greater impact to be achieved.


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