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Students’ Behavior, Skills and Education: Implications for the Design of Educational Interventions

Economics of Education

Senior Researcher : Pau Balart Castro

Research Centre or Institution : Universitat de les Illes Balears


Education is a source of individual and collective prosperity. Countries need to allocate substantial resources to finance skills and knowledge acquisition. The growing demand for knowledge and skills requires not only to ensure that societies allocate enough resources on education, but also that these resources are efficiently used. The correct design of education policies and educational interventions is critical to accomplish this objective. The aim of the present project is exploiting developments in Behavioral Economics and Decision Science to improve the design of educational programs and interventions.

During this second year of the project, we have produced a second research article entitled “Framing Effects on Risk Taking Behavior: Evidence From a Field Experiment.” In this study, we show that manipulating the framing of penalties in a multiple-choice test can affect test takers' willingness to respond. This result implies that non-rational considerations affect risk-making decisions during student assessments. The article is currently in revise and resubmit in the journal Experimental Economics (Q2 JCR, Economics). Presentations have also been made at national and international conferences and seminars (some of them online as a result of the pandemic situation). We have also collected data and designed experiments to produce new research articles.


Scientific Production
Magazine Articles 1
Communications at national conferences 1
Communications at international conferences 5


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