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Towards a new paradigm in the identification of hazards and evaluation of the safety and risk of neurotoxicity associated to the exposure to nanomaterials with biotechnological applications

18th national competition for scientific and technical research

Food security and biotechnology

Senior Researcher : Miguel Ángel Sogorb Sánchez

Research Centre or Institution : Instituto de Bioingeniería. Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche.


The general objective of the project was to characterize the molecular mechanisms of toxicity on T98G human glial cells of four different nanomaterials (silver, titanium oxide, zinc oxide and cadmium-selenium quantum dots) with biotechnological applications that are likely to cause important exposures in the human being.

The characterization of the nanomaterials of silver and oxides of titanium and zinc has been completed. In general, we have been able to establish that silver and titanium oxide nanoparticles have the capacity to interfere with molecular pathways related to neuroinflammation. Silver nanoparticles also altered molecular pathways related to cell repair and regeneration through alterations in fibroblast growth factor routes. Moreover, titanium oxide nanoparticles also altered molecular pathways related to maintaining the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. Surprisingly, the zinc oxide nanoparticles did not cause any effect on the T98G cell transcriptome at the maximum concentration capable of causing a decrease in cell viability of around 10%.

The experimental work with the fourth nanomaterial, the cadmium and selenium quantum dots, has been completed, but the analysis of the results has been delayed because of the socio-sanitary situation experienced in the country during 2020. The team is working right now on it.


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