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The Higgs Boson turns 10 years old

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Cycle: The Higgs Boson turns 10 years old  


On July 4 2022, 10 years will have gone since the announcement made at the CERN Main Auditorium of the discovery of the Higgs Boson at the CERN accelerator LHC (Large Hadron Collider). The discovery of this elementary particle, theoretically predicted in 1964, completes de Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics, formulated in the sixties, which is, undoubted, one the greatest creations in physics developed in the second half of the XX century, as shown by the nearly thirty Nobel Prizes given to its most prestigious protagonists by the Royal Swedish Science Academy, among them François Englert and Peter Higgs in 2013, for inventing the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism of the spontaneous electroweak symmetry breaking, establishing the need of the Higgs Boson. The Swedish Academy explicitly recognized the decisive role played by CERN in its decision. Fundación Ramón Areces wants to pay tribute to this formidable achievement with the organization of two scientific sessions in which the fundamental theoretical developments and the high precision measurements establish the basis for the search will be discussed. The very large scientific diplomacy and technological process leading to the construction of an exceptional infrastructure at CERN, the large hadron collider, will also be discussed, as well as its experimental areas, the systems for the detection of interactions, the storage and processing of large amounts of data, and the development of new highly complex algorithms, allowing the discovery of the Higgs Boson.


Salón de Actos de la Fundación Ramón Areces.
C/ Vitruvio, 5. 28006 Madrid.


Manuel Aguilar
Consejo Científico de la Fundación Ramón Areces.

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