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Proceedings of the International Symposium Superconductivity and Pressure: A Fruitful Relationship on the Road to Room Temperature Superconductivity

Ciencias de la Vida y de la Materia

Libros 2019


Superconductivity and Pressure are two recurrent themes in Physics and Chemistry and, in their crossing area, in Materials Science. Both have also been recurrent research subjects along the 20th century and, indeed, have seen a burst of activity, sometimes frenetic, in the last forty years. Even more, the conjunction between these two subjects has given, in fact, is still giving, discoveries that put them very often at the forefront of Condensed Matter ScienceThe aim of the Symposium which proceedings are here collected, was precisely to make a mis au jour of Pressure in its different variants, in particular synthesis and material propertie measurement and Superconductivity, a property that is attaining values only dreamed off up to rather recently.A wide ensemble of distinguished scientists in either or both fields, of which it can be said like in the celebrated Spanish saying: “They are not all they are but all they are, are”, produced, along twenty most interesting lectures, a panorama of the present reality of both fields, that are presently experiencing a race towards Room Temperature Superconductivity that is getting close and close to the finish line and beyond, albeit under pressure.

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