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Social Science Research

XVIII National Competition

Del 25 de octubre de 2019 al 25 de octubre de 2022

International economics

  Investigation project Senior Researcher Research Centre
Alfredo Martín Oliver The relationship between credit default swaps and loan renegotiation Alfredo Martín Oliver Universidad de las Islas Baleares. Mallorca 
Patrizia Pérez Asurmendi Design and implementation of composite indicators: A proposal for the field of sustainability Patrizia Pérez Asurmendi Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Public economics

  Investigation project Senior Researcher Research Centre
Amaya de Ayala Bilbao Household decision making on energy efficiency: determinants and policy design Amaya de Ayala Bilbao Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU) 
Gianmarco León-Ciliotta Monetary and promotion incentives in hyerarchical public organizations: experimental evidence from the community health worker program in Sierra Leone Gianmarco León-Ciliotta Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona
Regulating medical tourism: evidence from the Spanish case Judit Vall Castelló

Universidad de Barcelona. Fundación Institut d'Economia

Labour economics

  Investigation project Senior Researcher Research Centre
Lorenzo Ductor Gómez Gender differences in productivity and collaboration Lorenzo Ductor Gómez Universidad de Granada
Jennifer Graves Paternal Leave, Child Care and Work-Life Balance Jennifer Graves Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Commercial distribution

  Investigation project Senior Researcher Research Centre
Luis Alberto Casado Aranda Neuronline: Neuroscience as a tool offering a better understanding of the affective and cognitive effects of characteristics of website design on online purchase intention Luis Alberto Casado Aranda Universidad de Granada
Daniel Navarro Martínez Improving the Effectiveness of Nudging: The Role of Emotions and the Self Daniel Navarro Martínez Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona

Economics and Law

Economics history

  Investigation project Senior Researcher Research Centre
Economic-historical origins of partisan effects of electoral systems in contemporary democracies Pedro Riera Sagrera Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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