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Dissemination of Knowledge Programs

In 2019 the Fundación Ramón Areces organized 115 events for its knowledge dissemination programs.

A significant number of these activities (scientific expert meetings, lecture series, round tables, conferences and symposia) were organized in collaboration with prestigious institutions, universities, royal academies and research centers of excellence, both national and international.

The Fundación Ramón Areces annually publishes works of scientific, historical, cultural and economic interest, which are made available to scholars and researchers for knowledge dissemination. These non-commercial publications constitute an archive for various research works, symposia and lecture series which have been held at the headquarters of the Foundation, and for texts by leading authors and collaborations with prestigious institutions. The Foundation publishes too a magazine dedicated to Sciences and Humanities.

The publications made in 2019 are available on this link.

Likewise, the Foundation has a video channel  (www.fundacionareces.tv) that covers all its events and it has its own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

2019 Activities
Activities No. of activities Spanish speakers Foreign speakers Speakers total
Life and Matter Sciences 48 229 129 358
Social Science 50 178 100 278
Humanities 17 43 20 63
TOTAL 115 450 249 699

The Nobel Prize Dialogue:
The future of aging

Check all the information about the event.

On May 22nd, 2019, the Fundación Ramón Areces hosted The Nobel Prize Dialogue, held for the first time other European country than Sweden. It was organized in collaboration with Nobel Media AB and was titled The Future of Aging. The objective was to encourage a discussion at the highest level between science and society on such an important topic as aging. The Nobel Prize Dialogue is a full-day event that is inspired by the Nobel Week Dialogue held in Sweden at the Nobel Week since 2012.

El futuro del envejecimiento

The Nobel Prize Dialogue - May 2019

Nobel Laureates such as Finn KydlandEdmund PhelpsEdvard MoserAda Yonath and Mario Vargas Llosa discussed with the Princess of Asturias Awards Laureates Valentin Fuster and Michael Sandel, and about thirty world-class experts some of the most acute scientific, economic, sociological, philosophical and cultural questions posed by the aging of the population.

At the welcome speech, Raimundo Pérez-Hernández, director of the Fundación Ramón Areces Foundation, stressed that “aging is an extraordinarily complex phenomenon in combination with many factors. This a core questions our societies are facing. How can we manage this new phenomenon if we haven't found a panacea?" Lars Heikensten, executive director of the Nobel Foundation, recalled that "Alfred Nobel wanted his prize to be awarded to those who had given the greatest benefit to humanity”.

Recepción Felipe VI

Reception with S.M. Felipe VI - May 2019

The Future of Aging was structured in four large sections and a final panel: The Sociology of Aging; the economic aspects of aging; aging diseases and aging issues.

Nearly 500 people attended the event, which was followed live via streaming through the social media of the Nobel Foundation and the Fundación Ramón Areces.

The Fundación Ramón Areces hosted The Nobel Prize Dialogue, held for the first time other European country than Sweden. It focused on the future of aging.

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