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and Fields of Action

In 1976 Ramón Areces created the foundation that bears his name with the broad objective of fostering scientific and technical research in Spain, and education and culture in general. The Foundation was a pioneering institution in our country, and ever since its creation it has constantly and wholeheartedly supported scientific research as the driving force behind progress and modernity.


In its early years, the Foundation created and developed the necessary instruments to boost scientific research (national procedures to award financial aid for research), favor the training of human capital (scholarship programs for further studies abroad), and popularize and humanize science (scientific dissemination programs). By the late seventies, for the first time a private foundation was financing basic and applied research, opening new opportunities for researchers and providing researchers with a forum for publicly showcasing their work..


The Foundation's main objective is to create a solid scientific and technological structure in Spain in order to improve people´s lives and finding solutions to the challenges that the modern society have to face, especially in the dimensions of science, education, culture and economics la misión de la Fundación Ramón Areces se concreta en:

  • Support talent, scientific capabilities and work of young Spanish researchers and professionals.
  • Bringing to our country the scientific and technological vanguard from abroad.
  • Contribute to Spanish science having a greater international presence.
  • Bringing knowledge to society in Science and Humanities.
  • Promote collaboration and the sum of efforts in research projects that seek to accelerate innovation processes thanks to shared objectives.

"The foundation supports the talent, scientific capabilities and work of young Spanish resarchers and professionals"

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