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Promotion of Spanish
Science Abroad

In 2012 the Fundación Ramón Areces started a line of work aiming to contribute to the promotion of Spanish science abroad. It focuses on the logistical and financial support of Spanish scientific communities abroad and, therefore, to the scientists themselves. The Foundation believes it important to ensure visibility to the work of Spanish scientists abroad, as well as to further increase the informal international relationships between scientists, and between them and society.


In 2019 the Foundation supported associations in United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway and Italy. All of them are integrated into the Network of Spanish Researchers Abroaded (RAICEX), a network that the Foundation has supported since its creation in 2018.

Likewise, the Foundation collaborates with the  Spanish Association of Returnee Scientistis (CRE), created in early 2014, which brings together Spanish researchers returning to Spain after working abroad.

5th Meeting on Scientific Diplomacy

5th Meeting on Scientific Diplomacy

As part of this program, in 2019 our institution hosted at its headquarters the 5th Meeting on Scientific Diplomacy and of the Network of Spanish Researchers Abroad. The first day was focused on the internal coordination of the different government stakeholders working on scientific diplomacy in Spain and abroad. The Network of Spanish Researchers Abroad joined on the second day in order to facilitate communication channels among them and promote scientific, technological and innovation diplomacy.

The Association of Spanish Scientists in Italy (ASIERI), organized the first edition of the International Meeting of 'Spanish, a language for science and innovation'. The meeting, sponsored by the Fundación Ramón Areces, brought together researchers and renowned speakers from the Spanish Royal Academy and the university world, representatives of international organizations, professional translators, experts in linguistic technologies and lexicographic and terminological resources, relevant politicians, science disseminators and members of the Spanish-speaking scientific community.

In addition, our headquarters hosted the conference  CienciaUK19: Science in the 21st century organized by the Community of Spanish Scientists in the United Kingdom (CERU) and conference Ciencia más allá del laboratorio. Trabajar en las instituciones europeas in cooperation with Spanish Scientists in Belgium (CEBE) and the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

The Fundación Ramón Areces contributes to the promotion of the Spanish science abroad by supporting 14 Spanish scientists’ associations abroad.

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