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Promotion of Spanish
Science Abroad

Since 2012, the Ramón Areces Foundation has sponsored the communities of Spanish scientists abroad, with a twofold objective: to contribute to the international promotion of Spanish Science and to reinforce the global weight of the Spanish language as a language in the generation and transmission of knowledge scientific.

In 2020, the Foundation provided logistical and financial support to the associations in the United Kingdom (CERU), in the United States (ECUSA), in the Federal Republic of Germany (CERFA), and in Sweden (ACES), Japan (ACE-Japan), China-Spain (RICE), Belgium (CEBE), Australia-Pacific (SRAP-IEAP), Ireland (SRSI), Mexico (RECEMX, AC), Switzerland (ACECH), France (SIEF), Denmark (CED), Norway (IENO / SFNO), The Netherlands (CENL), and the Italian Republic (ASIERI).

All of them are integrated into the Network of Spanish Researchers Abroad (RAICEX), a network that the Foundation has supported since its creation in 2018. 

Likewise, the Foundation collaborates with the Spanish Association of Returnee Scientists (CRE), created in early 2014, which brings together Spanish researchers that returned to Spain after working abroad. 

Although the economic and health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on its action plan, the communities of Spanish scientists abroad have maintained in 2020 an outstanding activity.

More information on their objectives and projects is available on their own websites.

The Fundación Ramón Areces contributes to the promotion of the Spanish science abroad by supporting 14 Spanish scientists’ associations abroad.

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