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The lockdown and social distancing measures imposed by the health authorities had a direct impact on the activities programmed by the Foundation during 2020, both in terms of numbers and modality.

In May, a series of activities was created and launched under the generic title of "Online conversations from the Ramón Areces Foundation" in which the pandemic was approached from multiple angles: health, economy, employment, education, history or literature. A prominent number of experts, mainly Spanish, reflected on what the world will be like after the pandemic. .

Throughout the year, 57 activities were carried out, 16 of them on-site and attended by 2,337 participants. The remaining 41 activities were carried out online, were watched by 11,000 users during the broadcasts and had 34,731 views recorded on our Youtube channel.

All online activities could be followed through our platform (www.fundacionareces.tv), where the videos are available on demand.

2020 Activities
Activities No. of activities Spanish speakers Foreign speakers Speakers total
Life and Matter Sciences 24 96 34 130
Social Sciences 21 51 11 62
Humanities 12 22 1 23
TOTAL 57 169 46 215
Online audience on the Fundación Ramón Areces website
Year Audience   Page views
2020 317,372   725,054
2019 181,000   624,000
2020 vs 2019 +75%   +16%
Online audience on the Fundación Ramón Areces TV channel
Year Audience   Page views
2020 161,996   225,312
2019 26,500   49,275
2020 vs 2019 +511%   +357%
Social Media
Social Network Posts Social Impact   Followers
Facebook 149 435,900   3,754
Twitter 475 563,700   10,371
Instagram 91 462,146   2,113
Linkedin 192 274,534   2,697

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