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Main Milestones in 2020


Fundación Ramón Areces and Springer Nature celebrated the 12th edition of their series of conferences and debate in science. In this occasion, experts analyzed the role of of biomimetic sensors in diagnosing and treating different diseases.

12th edition of their series of conferences and debate in science


On May 26, the Ramón Areces Foundation launched a series of "Online Conversations" in which important figures from the scientific, economic and culture fields reflect on what the world will be like after the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Online Conversations"


We held an online act to deliver their Diplomas to the students of the Third Promotion of the Master in Retail of the Ramón Areces Foundation Chair of Commercial Distribution of the University of Oviedo.

Professor Daniel Santín, Professor at the Complutense University, gave a lecture entitled ‘Social experiments and marketing: challenges and opportunities.’

'Social experiments and marketing: challenges and opportunities'


The Ramón Areces Foundation and the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society presented “Libro Blanco de las Matemáticas”, a collective work in which more than 60 specialists worked for more than two years. The work proposes 64 improvement actions for the development of this science in a digital society.

“Libro Blanco de las Matemáticas”



The Ramón Areces Foundation awards grants to eight new projects in Social Sciences to researchers under 40 years old from the universities of Navarra, La Laguna and Pablo de Olavide and from the CEMFI, CUNEF and IESE training centers. .

Grants to eight new projectss



The Ramón Areces Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) held their fourth annual symposium, this time online, to presented to the Spanish society the avant-garde of what is being developed in this cutting-edge research center based in Boston. 

The power of nanotechnology

The sociologist Saskia Sassen, Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences, delivers the online lecture entitled “Cities, development and globalization”


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