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Human capital training programs

The Ramón Areces Foundation articulates its human capital training programs through three main action plans: an annual scholarship program abroad for graduates and PhDs; a scholarship program for children of employees of the  Grupo El Corte Inglés and the financial support of different training programs of excellence carried out by other institutions. 

In 2021, the Foundation allocated a total of €7,791,350 for these scholarship programs. In the call for scholarships to extend studies abroad corresponding to the 2021-2022 academic year, a total of 376 applications were received, 28 new scholarships were awarded, and 38 extensions were approved. The Foundation allocated €2,044,425 for this training program.

In 2021, the Foundation allocated a total of €7,791,350 for these scholarship programs.

Allocated resources to the different grant programs in 2021
Economic resources allocated in euros
Grant Programs Recursos destinados (€)
Scholarships for studies abroad  2,044,425
Study grants for children of El Corte Inglés employees 4,972,225
Other grant programs 774,700
Total 7,791,350
Grants abroad in 2021

Knowledge Area
Awarded Extensions Total in Academic
Year 2021
Total Allocated fund (€)
Life and Matter Sciences 16 28 44 1,131,618
Social Sciences 12 10 22 912,807
Total 28 38 66 2,044,425

Destination of grant holders abroad academic year 2021

Grant holders' origins in 2021

Region of  Grant     Region of  Grant
Autonomous Community of Madrid 18 Madrid Chile Chile 1
Andalusia 13 Andalucía      
Castile and León 9 Castilla y León      
Catalonia 7 Cataluña      
Navarre 6 Navarra      
Valencian Community 4 Valencia      
Asturias 2 Asturias      
Galicia 2 Galicia      
Region of Murcia 2 Murcia      
Canary Islands 1 Cantabria      
Basque Country 1 País Vasco      

Resources for scholarships abroad

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