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XVII International Accounting Research Symposium

Social Sciences International Symposium Wednesday to Friday, 5 to 7 July, 2023 Madrid

General information:

Contact person: Estela Martínez (conference_business@uc3m.es)
Deadline to register: June 25, 2023

Organized by:

Cátedra UAM-Auditores Madrid de Información Financiera Corporativa y Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, INDEM


Leandro Cañibano y Beatriz García Osma

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The Symposium is addressed to PhD students, early-stage faculty and researchers in Accounting and Finance. It represents a unique opportunity to attend lectures by expert faculty, and also, to interact with colleagues and receive feedback both on developed (papers) and developing projects (early-stage ideas).

Presentations by participants

Participants are invited to present their papers or ideas, particularly, on topics linked to the areas discussed by the Faculty. All participants are thus encouraged to submit their own research for presentation at the symposium. Papers linked to the areas discussed by the speakers and by early-stage researchers will be given preference. There will be, after each presentation, sessions dedicated to participants’ presentations, chaired by the professor leading the session, jointly with Prof. Beatriz García Osma. These sessions will be attended by diverse Faculty from the Symposium as well as from both UAM and UC3M. The Symposium will also benefit from the presence of the co-editor of Accounting and Business Review, Prof. Juan Manuel García Lara (UC3M), and the editor of the Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting, Prof. Jacobo Gómez Conde (UAM).  

Registration and Fees

Registration is free of charge and open until June 25, 2023.


The invited faculty are:
• Prof. Hans B. Christensen (University of Chicago).
• Prof. Martine Cools (KU Leuven).
• Prof. Miguel Duro (IESE Business School).
In addition, we will host presentations by participants, whereby preference for presentation will be given to proposals closely linked with the topics of the presenters as well as to early stage faculty and PhD students.


Wednesday, 5 July


Welcome address


Research methods session I: on doing qualitative research

Martine Cools
KU Leuven.

Participant presentations

Marta Pérez
Ruth García-Cobo
Marta Alonso Sanz


Research methods session II: on doing qualitative research

Martine Cools
KU Leuven.

Participant presentations

Simon Birk
Sha Yang
Jesús Salgado-Criado


Thursday, 6 July


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Research

Hans B. Christensen 
University of Chicago. 

Participant presentations

Hoang Nhan Ha
Fengzhi Zhu
David Aguilera


Using Narrow Settings to Answer Big Questions

Hans B. Christensen 
University of Chicago. 

Participant presentations

Sofía Martínez
Cinthia Valle-Ruiz


Friday, 7 July


Is conservatism dead? Some methodological notes

Miguel Duro
IESE Business School.

Participant presentations

Thi Thuy Dung Nguyen
Keno Buß
Huiping Ren


Transparency: Is sunlight the best disinfectant

Miguel Duro
IESE Business School.

Participant presentations

Jonas Wessel
Stefano Coda


  Hans B. Christensen

Hans Christensen's current research primarily focuses on the
effect on society of regulation aimed at incentivizing firms to act
socially responsible. This includes the effect of transparency
regulation on healthcare prices and labor safety, as well as,
foreign corruption regulation on economic development. His
papers have been published in the Journal of Accounting
Economics, the Journal of Accounting Research, Review of
Accounting Studies, and Review of Financial Studies.

   Martine Cools

Martine Cool is an associate professor of accounting at KU
Leuven University. research focuses on the areas of management
accounting, management control, creativity, knowledge
management and international transfer pricing. She is the
Antwerp campus coordinator of the department of Accountancy
and Taxation at KU Leuven University. Martine has published in
leading journals like Accounting, Organizations and Society, The
Accounting Review, or European Accounting Review.


  Miguel Duro

Miguel Duro is an associate professor in the Department of
Accounting and Control and director of IESE's Center for
International Finance (CIF). Miguel is a member of the European
Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). His research interests
focus on corporate governance, banking, corporate disclosure,
analysis of SEC securities supervision and attributes of
accounting information. His research has been published in
leading journals like Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of
Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Economics, or
The Accounting Review.

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