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Andrew Murray Carsten Sørensen Adam Austerfield

Artificial Intelligence (AI): what humans need to know

Social Sciences Conversaciones online desde la Fundación Ramón Areces Tuesday, 14 June 2022, 19:00 hours ONLINE www.fundacionareces.tv/directo

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Fundación Ramón Areces y London School of Economics


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This seminar will discuss the rise and rise of technology in our daily lives.  Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, datafication and the ability to present increasingly targeted choices to individuals are all part of everyday life through our use of technology to which our actions and choices have rapidly – but stealthily – become subsets of data that direct our future decision-making. Artificial Intelligence, therefore, has increasing power and influence as technological capacity progresses.  However does its ability to undertake highly sophisticated mathematical processes at incredible speed denote a technology that could become all-pervading and out of control?  Harnessed correctly, Artificial Intelligence can drive transformational change in science, medicine and education and be a major force for good.  But behind the scenes it is used so frequently for commercial purposes across technology platforms and in our everyday lives that, unchecked or unregulated, we may be becoming servants of Artificial Intelligence, not masters. This seminar will look at the rise of technology, from platform and mobile technology, consumer choice and the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Tuesday, 14 June

19:00 h.

Conversación online

Artificial Intelligence (AI): what humans need to know

Andrew Murray

Carsten Sørensen 

Adam Austerfield


  Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  He is a visiting professor at the Computer/Law Institute, VU Amsterdam and was a visiting professor in the Ecole de Droit, Sciences Po, Paris in 2015 and at the Paris School of International Affairs in 2017. In 2018/19 he was the specialist advisor to the House of Lords Communications Committee inquiry “Regulating in a Digital World”.


   Carsten Sørensen

Carsten Sørensen is Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  Carsten’s research has since the late 1980s been concerned with the digitalization of organisational processes and spans software development, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many others. Carsten has studied both the digital transformation of enterprises, and the further extension to understand how digital platforms and infrastructures forms the foundation of contemporary business operating and innovation arrangements.


  Adam Austerfield

Adam Austerfield is a Visiting Associate at LSE IDEAs, and the LSE Cañada Blanch Centre.  He was Director of Global Market Development at LSE Enterprise for 15 years until 2019.  He was also Vice-President of the British Chambers of Commerce 2016 – 2020, a Non-Executive Board Member of the British Embassy in Spain 2016-20, and President of the LSE Alumni in Spain 2006 – 2020.   He is currently Director of Urban Development at NEOM.

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