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Segundo Vallejo Abad Pablo Santamaría Lacuesta Berta Sánchez García Alejandro Blanco Urízar Ernesto Lago

Vocational Education and Training’s Role in Business Innovation

Social Sciences Panel Discussion Tuesday, 3 March 2020, 19:00 hours Madrid

General information:

Venue: Fundación Ramón Areces - Calle Vitruvio, 5. 28006. Madrid.

Free asistance. Necessary previous online registration. Limited capacity. 

In cooperation with:

Cátedra de Estudios de la Innovación UCM-FEI

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The changing situation of competitiveness at the international level, globalization and the changes carried out by the new digitalized industry, provide to the companies’ technological innovation a decisive role for tem in reaching better positions in the new international area. In Spain, the situation is particularly worrying according to the relative backwardness that Spanish history shows in the topics related to innovation. Among the multiple elements that determine the technological capabilities of companies, very little attention has been paid to the role of Vocational Training in the innovative possibilities of companies, when, in reality, it is agreed that it is very important. If we take into account that Spain does not have an advanced profile in the areas of Vocational Training, we believe that the opportunity of this workshop is doubly important.

Tuesday, 3 March

18:30 h.

Attendees check-in

19:00 h.


Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra
Director de la Fundación Ramón Areces.

Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón
Presidente del Foro de Empresas Innovadoras.

José Molero
Director de la Cátedra de Estudios de la Innovación UCM-FEI.

19:15 h.

Panel discussion: "Vocational Education and Training’s Role in Business Innovation" 

Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón
Presidente del Foro de Empresas Innovadoras.



Segundo Vallejo Abad
Consejero de TALGO.

Pablo Santamaría Lacuesta
Dirección Técnica de la Central de Carnes Premium, Grupo Norteños.

Berta Sánchez García

Alejandro Blanco Urízar
Presidente de la Comisión de Desarrollo del Talento Digital. AMETIC.

Ernesto Lago
Director de Mantenimiento del Grupo COSENTINO.

20:30 h.

Closing remarks

Clara Sanz López
Secretaria General de Formación Profesional. Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional.



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