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Workshop: VI NCID

Social Sciences Scientific Meeting May 8, 2017 Madrid

General information

Place: Fundación Ramón Areces Vitruvio, 5. 28006 Madrid.

  • Full capacity

Organized by:

Fundación Ramón Areces

In cooperation with:

Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) del Instituto Cultura y Sociedad (ICS) de la Universidad de Navarra

  • Description
  • Programme

The VI NCID Workshop will be held in Madrid on May 8, 2017 at the Ramón Areces Foundation. Repeating the successful experience of last year's edition, this year's edition will be a joint event organized by the Ramón Areces Foundation and the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID). 

The NCID is an interdisciplinary team of economists, political scientists, sociologists and more, who strive to alleviate extreme poverty in the world's poorest countries. Through applied research, they intend to generate ideas to solve chronic social problems associated with poverty. The NCID is part of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), a research institution affiliated to the University of Navarra (Spain). Born in 2010, the main goal of the ICS is to provide answers to major worldwide problems from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences.

The NCID is a relatively new institution, but in six years they have created a hub of development issues, putting together a team of 23 people from the U.S., Spain, Kenya, India, Portugal, Italy and Dominican Republic among others. There are four senior researchers and nearly a dozen of non-resident fellows, as well as a group of junior researchers. During the short span of a few years they have succeeded in accumulating knowledge and experience that has earned them both national and international repute. NCID currently ranks no. 58 in the Best University Affiliated Think Tank list of the 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Workshop, which will take place on May 8th, will bring together leading scholars from world class universities and multilateral institutions. It is organized in the form of presentations and discussions of research papers. The topic of the workshop is centered on issues in Micro-Development Economics, from both an empirical and theoretical perspective.

Monday, 8





Luis Ravina
NCID Director.


Profits and Mission: Perfomance Incentives in a Multi-goal Development Organization

Xavier Gine
Development Research Group-The World Bank.


Redistributive promises, transfers to special interests, and the political economy of reform with limited state capacity

Sanjay Jain
University of Oxford.




Oil Spills and Infant Health in Nigeria

Roland Hodler
University of St. Gallen.


The Skills to Pay the Bills: Returns to On-the-job Soft Skills Training

Achyuta Adhvaryu
University of Michigan.




Nutrition and Nutritional Status of Indians over Two Decades

Alessandro Tarozzi
Universidad Pompeu Fabra.


Fading Choice: Transport Costs and Variety in Consumer Goods

Pramila Krishnan
University of Oxford.




Exposing Corruption: does electoral competition discipline incumbents?

Amrita Dhillon
King's College London.


Do Criminally Accused Politicians Affect Economic Outcomes? Evidence from India

Nishith Prakash
University of Connecticut.

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