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Social science events

In 2021, the Ramón Areces Foundation held 34 events in the field of Social Sciences. Various economic aspects of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 were addressed (disinformation and pandemic; insolvency in times of COVID-19; education and digital divide; the impact of the pandemic on global inequality or the recovery fund for Europe Next Generation).

Likewise, activities were carried out around Education, Law (the regulation of algorithms, regulation, and energy law; the legal regulation of digital platforms; digital rights); environment and sustainability; economic situation in Latin America or the role of the financial sector in the current economic crisis. A part of the activities was carried out in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund (IMF); London School of Economics (LSE); Complutense University of Madrid; Autonomous University of Madrid; Carlos III University of Madrid; Spanish Association of Economics; Academy of Psychology of Spain; Gaspar Casal Foundation; European Foundation Society and Education and A Europe Alliance.


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