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Conferences cycle: The Journey Around the World of Magallanes-Elcano: Causes and Consequences

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Conferences cycle:
The Journey Around the World of  Magellan-Elcano: Causes and Consequences

This series of three conferences organized by Cátedra Luis de Camoens, Fundación Ramón Areces and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid describes the situation in Europe  at the time of the journey around the World of Magellan-Elcano and the consequences of the success of the expedition. The first conference on February 12th, by Professor Álvarez Nogal (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), describes the situation in the World at the beginning of the journey. The second one, on October 13th, by Professor Bethencourt (University of London) and presented in English, will describe the changes in the relationship between Portugal and Spain produced by the Journey and the new situation in Europe motivated by the opening of new commercial routes around the World. The third one will be on April 1st, by Professor Sánchez Ron (Real Academia Española), and will concentrate on the scientific, economic and social changes due to the expedition and the emerging of a global view of the World.





Daniel Peña
Director Cátedra Luis de Camoens. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

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