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Jan Marton (University of Gothenburg)

Accounting for intangible assets—issues and possible solutions

Social Sciences Conferencia online Thursday, 5 May 2022, 18:00 hours

General information:

It belongs to XI Lecture Series Fundación Ramón Areces on “International Accounting Regulation & Corporate Governance”.

In cooperation with:

Cátedra UAM-Auditores Madrid de Información Financiera Corporativa

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Thrusday, 5 May

18:00 h.

Accounting for intangible assets—issues and possible solutions

Jan Marton  
University of Gothenburg.



  Jan Marton 

Jan Marton is professor of accounting at the University of Gothenburg. Jan conducts both basic and applied research, within a broad spectrum of topics in financial accounting. The basic research is about methods for assessing the usefulness of financial statements on capital markets. He has worked on the relative usefulness of banks’ financial statements for equity and bond investors, the effect of different accounting standards and enforcement on the usefulness of accounting for boards, and the effect on audit quality of auditors’ personal characteristics. Jan has published textbooks on IFRS, accounting theory, introductory accounting, group accounting and financial statement analysis. Previously, Jan worked as certified public accountant, and as accounting specialist focused on IFRS. Jan has ample teaching experience with auditors and practitioners, as well as consulting and expert witness experience in topics such as accounting for financial instruments.




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