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Challenges of the Planet and possible contribution from the bioeconomy

Life and Matter Sciences International Symposium February 1, 2017 Madrid

General information

Venue: Fundación Ramón Areces, Vitruvio, 5. 28006. Madrid
Limited capacity

  • Free registration

Organized by:

Fundación Ramón Areces

In cooperation with:

BioEuroLatina Association


Albert SassonPresident of BioEuroLatina. Madrid. Spain


Carlos MalpicaVicepresidente de BioEuroLatina


Lorena MuñozVocal de BioEuroLatina

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Humanity is confronted with crucial challenges that have been discussed at length in highly relevant international events which took place in 2015. On one hand the Universal Exhibition in Milan, up to October 2015, under the theme "Feeding the planet. Energy for Life". And on the other, the COP21, a United Nations Summit on Climate Change that took place in Paris in December 2015 and committed all the countries of the world to cooperate in order to advance to a low-carbon economy. Both events raised challenges which are vital for our civilization and are related to key issues for survival in the best possible conditions. Due to the global nature of these challenges it is indispensable that all countries design, and collaborate around, pragmatic strategies, with achievable actions and schedules, that would contribute to put forward productive models, with an environmentally friendly vision. And it is in this context that bioeconomy arises, as a group of economic activities that utilize in a sustainable way biological resources, with a view to producing food and energy to support the whole economic system.

Wednesday, 1



Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra
Director of the Fundación Ramón Areces. Madrid. Spain.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Chairman of the Scientific Council. Fundación Ramón Areces. Madrid. Spain.

Albert Sasson
President of BioEuroLatina. Madrid. Spain. 

Fidel Rodríguez Batalla
General Director of the Fundación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Spain. 

Carmen Vela
Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation. Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad. Spain.


Keynote address: Challenges of the Planet

Albert Sasson
President of BioEuroLatina. Madrid. Spain.


International Experiences

Felipe García
Director of "Colombia Bio", the Colombian bioeconomy strategy. Colciencias. Colombia.

Manuel Lainez
General Director at INIA, the Spanish bioeconomy strategy. Spain.

Alfredo Aguilar
European Federation of Biotechnology.

Lorena Muñoz




Bioeconomy study cases

Agriculture, Food and Bio-Based Products

Mike May

Bioeconomy and Marine Resources

Fernando Torrent
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

María Loureiro
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Carlos Malpica
Vice-President of BioEuroLatina. Madrid. Spain.




Eradication of Extreme Poverty: Challenges for the Bioeconomy

María Alcázar Castilla
Director of the Department of International Cooperation. Cruz Roja Española. Spain.  

Arturo Angulo Urarte
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO). FAO Office in Spain.

Lorena Muñoz


Closing conference: From Biotechnology to Bioeconomy: Reflections and Examples from Latin American Countries

Albert Sasson
President of BioEuroLatina. Madrid. Spain.  

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