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Gabriele Centi (University of Messina)

Going Beyond Fossil Fuels for a Sustainable, Net-Zero Emissions Society: the Role of Solar-Fuels

Life and Matter Sciences Conferencia online Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 19:00 hours ONLINE: www.fundacionareces.tv/directo

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Replacing fossil fuels is a necessary technology to reach net-zero emissions (NZE) target by year 2050, as planned for EU. This objective cannot be reached without a significant role played by solar fuels. They are necessary as chemical energy vectors (CES), to minimize the costs of transformation, to address the case of energy intensive industries, and not least to move to the new societal organization model based on a decentralized sustainable energy and chemistry production. Thus, to pass from the current RE-assisted to an innovative full RE economy (on a world scale).

This lecture will analyse the scenario opened from the energy transition and the role of solar fuels to move to NZE targets, remarking that this is a deep transition, with an entire transformation of the technologies, infrastructure, social and industrial objectives. This creates opportunities for science, innovation and business, but only when the complex interrelations of the transformation are understood, going beyond the current assessment and evaluation models, still used by many international agencies. An example of the need to rethink catalysis from also the fundamental viewpoint to accelerate transition to solar fuels is presented to remark that the challenge of a deep transition cannot be addressed without unconventional, lateral thinking.

Tuesday, 5 October

19:00 h.

Conference online 

Going Beyond Fossil Fuels for a Sustainable, Net-Zero Emissions Society: the Role of Solar-Fuels 

Gabriele Centi   
University of Messina, Italy and ERIC (European Research Institute of Catalysis).

  Gabriele Centi

He is full professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina, Italy, and President of the European Research Institute of Catalysis (ERIC) and of the International Association of Catalysis Societies (IACS). He has coordinated many EU projects, recently started and coordinated an ERC Synergy grant on plasma-catalysis and is also part of the board of SUNERGY, the European initiative on solar fuels. He chaired the editorial board of ChemSusChem up to 2019 and is co-editor in chief of Journal of Energy Chemistry. Current h-index is 88 with about 32.000 citations (Google Scholar).



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